20th International Congress of Young Medical Scientists

Poznan, May 28th - 30th 2020 year

Uniwersystet medyczny

20th International Congress of Young Medical Scientists

Poznan, May 28th - 30th 2020 year

Young Medical Scientists


Stuidents’ Scientific Society Poznań University of Medical Sciences im. K. Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu D.S. Karolek ul. Rokietnicka 5, pok. 2.15, 60-806 Poznań

Interntational congress

Congress Center

Centrum Biologii Medycznej
ul. Rokietnicka 8
60-806 Poznań

Congress - Poznan


Congress Coordinator

Dear participants and everyone interested in participating in the Golden Session!

This is the session where all the winners of the 12 thematic sessions of the original papers will face each other and to which we invite EVERYONE to join us and watch it for free, live, online, without even leaving your home.

The session starts at 2pm (!) (GMT+2)

The speeches are judged by JURY:
• Prof. Jarosław Walkowiak Md, PhD, DSc (Poland)
• Prof. Paweł Jagodziński PhD, DSc (Poland)
• Prof. Nowicki Michał MD,PhD,DSc (Poland)
• Prof. Karl-Heinz Herzig MD, PhD (Finland)
• Prof. Nataliya Kashirskaya MD, PhD (Russia)
• Michał Michalak PhD (Poland)

At the end of the session we will also announce the results and all the awarded works, both from yesterday's and today's sessions, so we especially invite all participants to learn the official results of their sessions live (online).

We invite EVERYONE to the virtual room and to listen to the winning presentations. The room can accommodate up to 500 people, so we hope there will be plenty of room for no one.
All you need to do is to log in at the indicated link:

With a few clicks you have access to the best speeches from the 20th International Congress of Young Medical Scientists (ICYMS), the largest online International Congress of Young Scientists, which has been held on the platform for two days now.


Dear participants!

Thank you very much for participating in the sessions today and for all the great presentations.

Today between 5-5:15 pm we will send emails to the winners of each session, qualified for the Golden Session, so that they can get ready for tomorrow's final presentations.

The remaining places and prizes will be announced tomorrow at the end of the Congress so we kindly ask everyone to join us, the link will be shared here on official FB event.
The room capacity is 500 people.

So, please stay tuned, check your emails, and the Golden Session winners will be asked to send feedback and be prepared and present at tomorrow's Golden Session.

Dear Participants!

We kindy remind you that deadline for sending us the money transfer confirmation is until 8:00 PM 20th May 2020!

Payment confirmation sent to us after 8:00 PM 20th May 2020 will be invalid and you participation in the event will be cancelled.

Dear Colleages!

Regardless of whether you are a Congress participant or not, we encourage you to sign up for the workshop hold by RSQ Technologies. The workshop is mainly for physiotherapists but anyone can participate.

On the workshop day of the Congress - 28th May at 4 P.M.

On the ClickMeeting platform, on which 20th International Congress of Young Medical Scientists will take place.

Registration link:

The workshop will be conducted in Polish.

Participation in the workshop is completely free, but you have to hurry because registration is open only until Friday 22th May!

The results of abstracts evaluation was sent on your e-mail adresses.

We didn't expect to receive so many papers! Due to the time limitiations and limited number of works for each session, we were obligated to sharpen the review process and jury members had to choose only the best of the best!

In the next few days, e-mail regarding payment will be sent to you. Please check your inbox regularly and stay updated!

Check out our Facebook event! 
Stay tuned!

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